partially unavailable

During last night, a crucial update of the eJournal part of failed. It seems to be a serious issue which has been escalated to the software vendor. The software that failed is called SFX from ExLibris. The SFX team from ExLibris Hamburg is investigating with national library IT staff and trying to restore service as soon as possible.

What does it mean?

  • The “eJournal” (“Périodiques”) search in does not work.
  • The “” button  in bibliographic databases (which takes you directly to an article) does not work.
  • The pop-up window that indicates availability of an article or eJournal does not work.

The “databases” part of works. The login and authentification system also works.

This means you can access eJournals through the publisher website, if you know the publisher. For example: all Elsevier journals can be accessed through their Sciencedirect portal, all Springer Journals can be accessed through Springerlink portal.

Any direct links you may have bookmarked to eJournals also continue to work.

Apologies for any convenience.