Things worth knowing about searching journals

Electronic journals are a very important medium for the science community. There is a long tradition of publishing research activities in journals. With the emergence of the information society, these traditions have led to an uncountable number of specialized journals that are published weekly, monthly or yearly, and new journals are being published all the time. Electronic journals can be published as the digital version of a printed journal or exclusively online without a printed equivalent.

Impact Factor (IF)

In order to find out which journals are relevant in a discipline, the citation of an article is used as an assessment basis. In other words, how often was my article mentioned in articles of other researchers? This value is called Impact Factor (IF) and has become the key factor for scientific journals of high quality.

More information about the Impact Factor.


Another possibility to define the quality of a journal is the Peer-Review procedure. In the process, a specialized article is reviewed by another scholar of the discipline first, before it is published. Only if the quality of the article is verified by the specialist community does the article get published. People involved in the procedure remain anonymous most of the time.

More information about Peer-Review.

Searching in historical journals

For searching in the historical archive of digitised newspapers and journals from Luxembourg, please check the information here.