Become a member

Which libraries can join the Consortium?

In principle all institutions or libraries can participate in Consortium Luxembourg if they would like to have access to electronic scientific content. Unfortunately, we cannot accept members belonging to commercial institutions.


Members choose between following services: licensing only or licensing and access.

Negotiations, Contract Management (incl. tenders), Vendor Contact, Helpdesk, etc.
You may join existing Consortium licenses, but we will also negotiate individual licenses for you.

Provision of an access platform (search engine), Authentication, User Management, Content Management, usage statistics, OpenURL Resolver, Proxy.pac, Helpdesk, etc.

What do the licences cost?

Please find a list of our current subscriptions here.

The prices of licenses to use electronic products vary considerably. They are very frequently based on the size of the licensing institution, in other words on the number of potential users. In order to calculate this, it has become established practice to use the number of researchers and students at the institution (FTEs = full-time equivalents) to which the library belongs.
If you are interested in one or more of the products please provide us with the necessary information immediately so that we can quote you approximate prices.

Provided that more than one member is subscribing to a product, total costs of the subscription will be split between members based on usage statistics.

Please contact the head of Consortium (Patrick Peiffer  if you have any question or would like to participate in one or more of the existing consortial agreements.