Download the Library Access Extension. Enjoy smart access, while you browse!

Quick and easy

The Library Access Browser Extension helps you to access digital content offered by your library, while you browse and search the internet as you normally do.

Go to, install the extension in your browser and select your institution (Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg, University of Luxembourg, or You are all set!

The extension works behind the scenes to integrate your library and your browsing activity.

How does it work?

Whenever you want to access or search the internet for articles, journals, ebooks or databases, you may find content licensed by your library. But since you are not logged in with your library card, you do not have access. Until now, you had to manually check availability at

The Library Access Browser Extension checks library availability automatically. If available, you are redirected automatically.
Note: you will be asked to login to with your library card.

There’s more!

If your library doesn’t have an article available, the Library Access Browser Extension looks for an Open Access version of that article and offers a link in a pop-up.

Plus: Whenever you use Google Scholar or PubMed for searches, the Library Access Browser Extension will ensure that library links (Look for “”) are displayed directly in Google Scholar and PubMed. That way you do not need to to manually setup your library in Google Scholar and PubMed.

Finally, ebooks are also supported by the Library Access Browser Extension. If an ISBN is detected on a webpage and your library has a licensed eBook, a pop-up will appear.

More Information

Currently the browser extension is available for Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera, on Windows, MacOS and Linux. There is no official support for Android or iOS, but on Android, the Kiwi browser works.

The Library Access Browser Extensions is managed by the National library of Luxembourg’s service. It is available for registered users of the National Library,, and

Data and privacy: The Library Access browser extension has “privacy by design” as an objective. There is a privacy commitment in addition to a privacy policy.

Download the National Library’s Flyer Library Access v06 (pdf)

Do you have any other questions or suggestions?

Have a look at the Library Access Help Center or get in touch with the National Library team by email: