Reader card

In order to access content from specialist databases and publisher platforms, you need to be an authorised user i.e. to be registered and possess a valid reader card issued by the National Library or any other library of the Consortium Luxembourg.

We recommend contacting one of the institutions responsible for issuing you with a reader card:

Status Contact information
Resident in the Grand-Duchy or its neighbouring regions National Library of Luxembourg
Student, researcher or staff of the University University of Luxembourg
Scientist or staff member at LIST or LIH LIST / LIH
Max-Planck Institut Luxembourg MPI
Ministère de la Fonction publique de la Réforme administrative Bibgouv

Most of the publications in the digital library are not owned by the National Library. Instead, contracts are negotiated containing access permissions, which define type and scope of access for library users.

Access can be:

  • limited to local networks of the library
  • unlimited, i.e. accessible from outside the library, e.g. home: in order to access restricted documents in the digital library, you need to login with your reader card and password

library card

Your User account contains all information necessary to use the library’s services:

  • get an overview of your library activities (loans, interlibrary loan, reservations, fees)
  • update your personal information (so that the library can contact you)
  • check library subscription(s) and their expiration date(s)
  • save and manage successful search queries and search results

For further information, please go to your personal space in the help section.