Manage and process search queries and results

Alongside search support, the user interface of also offers you tools to process your search results, such as:

  • highlight favourites:

In the result, on the upper right corner, you find the “pin” button to keep an interesting result for a later use. Moreover, you have the possibility to remove your result from the list of your favourites by clicking on the “pin” button again. Your pinned results are saved on the menu “My favourites”, where you can find all of them during your current session:

Further information are available here.

  • save search queries with alerts:

Next to “My favourites”, you find the menu “Search history”, where your queries and researches of your current session are saved:

Further information are available here.

  • export options:

Beside the “pin” button, you find the menu “Show actions”:

From there, you can export the title information instantly, for instance, into a reference management program (EndNote, Refworks…), print or send as an email. Furthermore, you find a permalink for each result in, meaning a consistent URL by which you can directly access the result. The system also generates the citation for you. In “Citation” you select the citation style and then copy it to the clipboard.