Music, Music, Music : more Naxos Databases (+ Christmas playlists)

Update: Enjoy Christmas time with the playlists we created for you: “Jazz Christmas” and “Christmas around the world”!


Consortium Luxembourg is happy to announce that we extended our offer for music streaming.
From now on you have access to the Naxos Music Library Jazz!


Naxos Music Library Jazz is one of the most comprehensive collection of Jazz music available online. It offers over 100,000 tracks of jazz from more than 9,000 albums. Over 12,000 jazz artists are represented. Naxos Music Library Jazz comprises the catalogues of Blue Notes Records, 22 labels of Fantasy Jazz and over 200 other labels. US-based Fantasy has the world’s deepest jazz catalogue and offers the very best in blues and R&B. Blue Note offers albums featuring the legendary artist John Coltrane and iconic artists such as Herbie Hancock, Dexter Gordon, Lee Morgan, Wayne Shorter and many others. All these can be accessible from computers in your library, home or office.

Access Naxos Music Library Jazz directly


Beneath the Jazz Library we’re offering trials to two further databases.

Naxos Music Library World: Naxos Music Library World offers a wide range of World music, from legendary historical musical performances to contemporary World music. Included are recordings of over 32,000 artists, representations from over 1500 cultural groups and music from over 150 countries. Over 5,060 albums (45,700 tracks) are available and new albums are added weekly. The complete Smithsonian Folkways catalog is also included.

Access Naxos Music Library World directly

Naxos Musical Works Database: This new Naxos service meets the needs of many artists and performing arts organisations – a place where they can find all the most important information about classical musical works — instrumentation, playing time, year of composition, composer biographies, music notes and much more. The data are derived from the vast amount of information included in the Naxos Music Library, augmented by information from many other sources and music publishers.

Access Naxos Music Works Database directly

The trial lasts until 31 December 2015.

All databases can also be accessed via and