They’ve Sharedit! Springer Nature’s content sharing initiative

sharedit v1Springer Nature is delighted to announce that it has rolled out its free content sharing initiative, SharedIt, across its entire owned portfolio of over 1,300 journals and an additional 1,000+ co-owned and partner-owned journals. This allows researchers and authors to easily and legally share links to free-to-read versions of research articles anywhere, including social media platforms, repositories and personal websites.

How do I use it?

On the webpage of every article you’ll see a ‘Share’ or ‘ Share article’ option. If you click on this, for every article you have subscription access to , you’ll be provided with a SharedIt link, which you can copy and provide to other interested parties or post anywhere, including via social networks such as Twitter or on scholarly collaborative networks such as ResearchGate or, for non – commercial, personal purposes.

Are there any limits to how much can be shared?

Reasonable sharing is encouraged for non – commercial, personal use.

What is the benefit of using SharedIt?

SharedIt allows you to share research articles you or your institution have subscribed to in a legitimate way, facilitating discussions and collaborations with other researchers who may not have a subscription. SharedIt links will take readers to the most up to date, online version of the article. SharedIt also allows us to better understand how research is being used, as usage can be tracked, unlike when a PDF is downloaded and shared. Springer Nature is committed to making information about usage available on a regular basis.

A summary of the results of the first 12 – month trial of the content sharing initiative can be found here .

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