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Karger Publishers logoConsortium Luxembourg is offering trial access to the full collection of Karger journals until 5 July 2017.

Connecting the World of Biomedical Science

Karger’s journal program comprises over 80 subscription-based journals and about 20 Open Access journals, covering all disciplines of human medicine and related sciences. Over 50% of Karger journals focus on basic and clinical research; another 17% are clinical research oriented. Many of their publications were founded at the time of modern medical specialization and even today continue to serve as a forum for the latest developments and findings of basic and clinical research.

The oldest Karger journal, for example, was first published in 1893 under the German title Dermatologische Zeitschrift and greatly influenced the information exchange in the field of dermatology.

Access is possible for all users with a library card of the National Library, University of Luxembourg, LIST or LIH.

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