New Trial: access to Royal Society Journal Package

Consortium Luxembourg is pleased to announce that it offers from now on a two months trial access to the journal package S of the Royal Society, the National Academy of Science in the UK. The Royal Society’s mission  – written down the first time in the charters of the 1660s – is to support excellence in science for the benefit of humanity.

The Package S comes with free access to all journal content published since 1665 and includes the following journals:

  • Journal of Royal Society Interface

Cross-disciplinary research bridging the life sciences / physical sciences divide

  • Interface Focus

Themed issues on vital topics covering cross-disciplinary research

  • Philosophical Transactions A

Influential themed journal issues across physical science; physics, mathematics and engineering

  • Proceedings A

Research articles in chemical, computational, mathematical, physical, engineering and earth sciences

  • Philosophical Transactions B

Influential themed journal issues across the life sciences

  • Proceedings B

Dedicated to the fast publication and worldwide dissemination of high-quality biological research

  • Biology Letters

Short innovative research from across the biological sciences

  • Notes and Records

Original, international research in the history of science, technology and medicine

  • Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society

A unique compilation of obituaries celebrating the lives and scientific achievements of Fellows of the Royal Society


The trial is now available for two months.

Access is possible for all users with a library card of the National Library, University of Luxembourg, LIST or LIH.

Direct link to the journal package S of the Royal Society