Oxford Scholarship Online ebooks now available

Oxford Scholarship OnlineWe are pleased to announce that Consortium Luxembourg now provides access to 990 ebooks (2013/14 publications) from Oxford Scholarship Online.

Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) is a vast and rapidly expanding monograph database, bringing together the best scholarly publishing from around the world. Users can explore different subject areas, including Business and Management, Law, Political Science, Social Work or Psychology, helping to broaden users’ research horizons.

User benefits

  • View abstracts at book and chapter level for all titles – providing at-a-glance access to the content
  • Download chapters to PDF – enabling research on-the-go
  • Frequent update schedule ensures access to the latest titles at the forefront of academic scholarship
  • Share titles, chapters, abstracts, and search results with colleagues using social bookmarking tools and citation export

Start using Oxford Scholarship Online today at: http://www.oxfordscholarship.com.proxy.bnl.lu
All ebooks can also be found on a-z.lu and findit.lu.

Download a short user guide here.

Nobel Prize in Economic Science Awarded to Jean Tirole

Medal Nobel PrizeThe Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel for 2014 to Jean Tirole “for his analysis of market power and regulation”.

Jean Tirole is one of the most influential economists of our time. He has made important theoretical research contributions in a number of areas, but most of all he has clarified how to understand and regulate industries with a few powerful firms.

Many industries are dominated by a small number of large firms or a single monopoly. Left unregulated, such markets often produce socially undesirable results – prices higher than those motivated by costs, or unproductive firms that survive by blocking the entry of new and more productive ones.

From the mid-1980s and onwards, Jean Tirole has breathed new life into research on such market failures. His analysis of firms with market power provides a unified theory with a strong bearing on central policy questions: how should the government deal with mergers or cartels, and how should it regulate monopolies? (Press Release Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)

Find more information about Jean Tirole and the Nobel Prize here.

Some of Jean Tirole’s books are now available online via findit.lu and a-z.lu:

>> Jean Tirole’s ebooks in a-z.lu

>> Direct link to Ebsco ebooks


Prix Nobel de littérature pour l’année 2014

Medal Nobel PrizeLe prix Nobel de littérature pour l’année 2014 est attribué à l’écrivain français Patrick Modiano « pour cet art de la mémoire avec lequel il a fait surgir les destins les plus insaisissables et découvrir le monde vécu sous l’Occupation ».
(Communiqué de presse de l’Académie suédoise)

« Né en 1945, Modiano a publié son premier roman, La Place de l’étoile, en 1968, et reçu dix ans plus tard le prix Goncourt pour Rue des boutiques obscures. En 1996, ce sera le Grand Prix national des lettres pour l’ensemble de son œuvre. Et maintenant, le Nobel pour définitivement consacrer une carrière littéraire d’une trentaine de romans qui ont raconté le Paris de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. » (Le Monde)

Ebooks sur Patrick Modiano sont maintenant disponibles via findit.lu et a-z.lu.

>> Patrick Modiano en ligne sur a-z.lu

>> Lien direct vers la plateforme Ebsco (ebooks)

Thomas Piketty’s “Capital in the Twenty-first Century” available via findit.lu

Front Cover Capital in the Twenty-First CenturyWhat are the grand dynamics that drive the accumulation and distribution of capital? Questions about the long-term evolution of inequality, the concentration of wealth, and the prospects for economic growth lie at the heart of political economy. But satisfactory answers have been hard to find for lack of adequate data and clear guiding theories. In Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Thomas Piketty analyzes a unique collection of data from twenty countries, ranging as far back as the eighteenth century, to uncover key economic and social patterns. His findings will transform debate and set the agenda for the next generation of thought about wealth and inequality.

Piketty shows that modern economic growth and the diffusion of knowledge have allowed us to avoid inequalities on the apocalyptic scale predicted by Karl Marx. But we have not modified the deep structures of capital and inequality as much as we thought in the optimistic decades following World War II. The main driver of inequality—the tendency of returns on capital to exceed the rate of economic growth—today threatens to generate extreme inequalities that stir discontent and undermine democratic values. But economic trends are not acts of God. Political action has curbed dangerous inequalities in the past, Piketty says, and may do so again.

A work of extraordinary ambition, originality, and rigor, Capital in the Twenty-First Century reorients our understanding of economic history and confronts us with sobering lessons for today.

Source: Harvard University Press

“Capital in the Twenty-First Century” is now available via findit.lu as an ebook! Simply go to www.findit.lu – Find Databases – Letter “E” and choose EBSCO eBook Collection (ecm) to find this ebook below other titles chosen by our librarians.

Direct link to “Capital in the Twenty-First Century”

Free access to de Gruyter Biomedical Science and Engineering collection

degruyter stm

At De Gruyter, we are building the foundations for the bio-specialist with our authoritative Biomedical Science and Engineering collection!

Featuring a cluster of 25 eBooks and 10 Journals integrating research and developments from the areas of biology, engineering, computer science, physics, and medicine, all compiled by top-level experts in their respective disciplines, this collection is a must-own for anyone studying, researching, or practicing in the field.

In order to claim your Free 30-Day Access to 8 of our most popular titles and journals, just enter the Access Token BIOMED2014 into your personal user account. But hurry, this offer is only valid until June 30th, 2014!

New content: Facet Publishing eBooks

Facet-Publishing-logoConsortium Luxembourg is happy to announce that we are now offering access to a selection of Facet Publishing eBooks.
Facet Publishing, the commercial publishing and bookselling arm of CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, is the leading publisher of books for library and information professionals worldwide.

As a start, we purchased 41 eBooks all dealing with aspects of librarianship, library management, electronic libraries, archives, etc.
Download the complete titlelist (pdf) here.

The eBooks can be accessed via the Ebsco eBook collection platform. You may search and read the books online, but also download and borrow the books for a limited time (maximum 7 days) and transfer them to a portable device.

Attention: if you want to download an eBook, it is necessary to create a free My EBSCOhost account and download Adobe Digital Editions (incl creating an Adobe-ID). If you want to search books or read them online, no additional software or login is required.
Need help?
Ebsco eBooks Guide in English
Ebsco eBooks Guide d’Utilisation en français

All titles can be found in our eBook search on findit.lu. Our Ebsco eBook collection can also be found by selecting the letter “E” via the “Find databases” tab.

Click here to access our Facet Publishing eBooks directly.

If you need any support, please send an e-mail to help@findit.lu

Free access Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag

In August, de Gruyter offers free and unlimited online access to publications from Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag  and Akademie Verlag. Hurry up – free access is only available until August 31, 2013!
All titles available from Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag can be found here.

With its history of more than 150 years, the Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag is amongst the long established companies in the publishing industry. It offers a variety of books and journals, cross-media and electronic products as well as services for science, practitioners and learning.

The Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag supports researchers and scientific organisations, interested academics in employment and further education as well as students and lecturers of all institutions of higher education in their professional life and in all learning situations. The range of products and services covers business/economics and social sciences, humanities including history, philosophy and linguistics, and natural sciences and engineering as well as information technology.

New content: MIT Press eBooks Library—Computing & Engineering Collection

Shortly before Christmas, Consortium Luxembourg is pleased to announce the addition of “The MIT Press eBooks Library – Computing and Engineering Collection”. This special collection features over 500 eBooks within the fields of computer science and engineering technologies, with approximately 40 new titles to be introduced each year. The collection features numerous titles that have won the American Publishers Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (PROSE). Each eBook meets The MIT Press rigorous review processes and the collection covers a wide range of technology disciplines including:

  • Bioengineering
  • Communication, networking, and broadcasting
  • Components, circuits, devices, and systems
  • Computing and processing
  • Engineered materials, dielectrics, and plasmas
  • Engineering profession
  • Fields, waves, and electromagnetics
  • Geoscience
  • Power, energy, and industry applications
  • Robotics and control systems
  • Signal processing
  • Transportation

An advanced search engine will allow you to find and download specific chapters within eBooks that will be discoverable on the IEEE Xplore platform.

You can browse and search the eBooks by choosing “MIT Press” in the vendor section in our eBook search. Jump to eBook search.

For a full list of the eBooks available in this collection, click here.

Alternatively, you can select the “MIT Press eBooks Library-Computing & Engineering Collection” entry via the “Find Databases” tab under the letter “M” for accessing the platform.

New content: ebooks of European Mathematical Society

Consortium Luxembourg is pleased to announce the addition of ebooks of the European Mathematical Society to findit.lu.

This ebook collection of the European Mathematical society includes more than 100 works, all published between 2004 and the present. You will find, among others, Zurich Lectures in Advanced Mathematics, EMS Textbooks or IRMA Lectures in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. All books can be downloaded as pdf.

For a full list of the ebooks available in this collection, click here.

These ebooks can be found in our ebook search as well. Alternatively, you can select the “EMS eBooks – European Mathematical Society” entry via the “Find Databases” tab under the letterE.

Trial: Ebsco e-books

After launching our new e-book search on findit.lu, we keep on increasing the number of e-books.

We are pleased to announce a trial of the EBSCOhost – eBook Collection. The Academic Subscription Collection is providing around 55 000 titles during the trial.

This package contains a large selection of multidisciplinary eBook titles that represent a broad range of academic subject matter, including art, business, education, literary criticism, philosophy, political science, religion, technology & engineering, and much more.

You can browse e-books by topic, search for individual titles or download them to portable devices.

During the trial the books won’t be available within the e-book search, but you can access the EBSCOhost – eBook Collection on findit.lu under the letter “E” on the “Find Database” tab.

Alternatively, you can directly start discovering here.

Need help? Download Ebsco’s User Guide  here.