Scirus is set to retire in early 2014

Scirus, Elsevier’s free search engine, will be shutting down in January 2014. In a message to users, they stated no more content will be added starting immediately.

Elsevier’s statement:

“With regret we are writing to inform you that Scirus, Elsevier’s free science-specific search engine, will be discontinued in early 2014. While a firm retirement date has not yet been set, it will likely be sometime by or before 31 January 2014.

We realize that this decision may disappoint you. The reality is that Scirus has lost its competitive edge to other platforms and services. Rather than attempt to catch up, Elsevier has instead made the difficult decision to retire Scirus and redirect even more attention to the continuous improvement of our core products. Our company fully expects that these efforts will yield more impact and therefore be of greater benefit to our customers and their research communities, allowing us to serve our content partners more effectively.
Effectively immediately, Elsevier has stopped adding new content sources for indexing on Scirus and we are no longer adding or supporting any new Open URL library partners. The Open URL program in which you are currently participating will continue until Scirus is retired.”