Codecademy – Learn to code interactively, for free.

codecademy logoCodecademy helps millions of learners around the world get the skills they need to succeed in today’s digital world — all in a way that’s fun, free, and accessible anywhere. Codecademy offers an entirely new, networked approach to learning in which you interact with students across the globe, build amazing projects, and – most important – apply your skills to improve your life.

How it works
Codecademy is different from any other learning experience; it’s designed to complement the way people want to learn in the twenty-first century. On Codecademy, learners discover concepts by actually building things and getting constant feedback from peers. Learning and demonstrating skills become one and the same – and students are always left with something tangible to show for their efforts. The community of millions of learners is at the ready to help everyone achieve the outcome they want, through study groups, question and answer forums, and more.

Courses for following computer languages are offered at the moment:

Life-changing knowledge should be free and easily accessible to anyone, and on Codecademy it is, with thousands of courses available for free online and yet more available for users on the mobile apps for iPhone and iPad. Most of all, Codecademy‘s students have access to one another, as well as the tools they need to make each other smarter, more skilled, and more productive.

Codecademy can be accessed by selecting the letter “C” via the “Find databases” on There is also a direct link: Codecademy