Relaunch Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

REP-online-bannerRoutledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy was relaunched on 22nd April 2015.

To maintain REP Online as philosophy’s premier resource for research and reference, Routledge has a program of regular additions of new articles and revisions of existing content. This enables REP to reflect the most important developments in the field.

Since launching REP Online in 2001 over 300 new and revised articles have been added – expanding the Encyclopedia into fresh subject areas as well as increasing and updating coverage of established fields.

New to REP in 2015 are the archival versions of articles. It is now possible to view previous versions of an article that has been revised: earlier versions can be accessed via the tabs at the top of the articles, labelled ‘v1’, ‘v2’, etc., with v1 being the oldest version.

Also new in 2015 are the Playlists, guest-edited selections of articles that offer a personal angle on the rich and diverse content of REP Online. Compiled by leading scholars, they spotlight articles in new and emerging topics, or topics that have been overlooked. In REP’s first Playlist, General Editor Tim Crane provides the ideal introduction to REP Online and to philosophy.

Further enhancements

  • All articles begin with an accessible summary in bold, free to view for all users and significantly improving discoverability
  • Articles can be saved into labelled shortlists for easy reference¬† rep-shortlist button
  • Search has been improved to enable results¬† to be filtered on a greater number of facets

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