New Ebooks from Taylor & Francis

Consortium Luxembourg is now offering access to three new ebook collections from Taylor & Francis (T&F).

All of these ebooks are accessible remotely for users with a library card from the National Library and University of Luxembourg as well as the LIST and the LIH. You will have unlimited access to the books without any Digital Rights Management, so no further software for reading or downloading pdfs is needed.

AI and Machine Learning

This ebook collection presents CRC Press/Taylor and Francis’ growing list of outstanding titles in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The publications in this area range from fundamental and theoretical concepts to advanced applications. The collection explores safety, security, and ethical concerns in AI and Machine Learning, as well as cutting edge topics, such as deep learning, autonomous vehicles, autonomous networks, and robotics. Books on various applications of AI and Machine Learning, such as Industrial Applications, AI and Robotics in Agriculture, and AI for Drug Development and Healthcare are also featured.

Data Science

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the field, this ebook collection brings together titles from statistics, computer science, IT, and business. The books in this collection present research and applications in the field, including new statistical and computational techniques. Cutting edge topics are featured in the collection, including data analysis, data privacy, data analytics in healthcare, sports, business, education, arts and humanities, and politics. Many of the titles in the collection also provide guidance on the use of software for data science, including R, Python, and Julia.

Green Technology and Energy

Taylor & Francis, with its CRC Press and Routledge imprints, has a long-established publishing program in green technology and energy engineering. This ebook collection offers a wide range of types of book- from student textbooks to practical references for professionals to the research level. T&F is especially known for their books on renewable energy technology, and have included numerous titles on solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, and more. Also included are titles on environmental sustainability, as well as green approaches to traditional industries, and those that address the challenges of global climate change and offer potential solutions.

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