Temporary access to additional electronic resources

The current global COVID-19 pandemic affects the worldwide information community and therefore several publishers are offering temporary access to additional electronic resources.

In addition to all content that we’re already subscribing to, here’s the list of resources that are now accessible with a library card of the National Library, University Library, LIST or LIH. The list will be updated regularly.

How to obtain a library card
BnL: please check https://bnl.public.lu/fr/actualites/articles-actualites/2020/prevention-COVID-19-service-public.html

University: If you are a university student or staff member and do not have a library account yet, please request access by sending an email to askalibrarian@uni.lu from your University email account.

Elsevier ScienceDirect Textbooks

The 256 textbooks currently on ScienceDirect will be automatically entitled to all active ScienceDirect customers until mid-June 2020.

Access: https://www-sciencedirect-com.proxy.bnl.lu/browse/journals-and-books?contentType=BK&accessType=subscribed

JoVe – Journal of Visualized Experiments

JoVE is offering free access to several collections until 15 June 2020.

JoVE Core – This peer-reviewed journal combines high-quality video demonstrations of experiments with a detailed text protocol, allowing researchers around the globe to learn from each other easily and efficiently. Access will be open for biology biology and psychologie sociale.

JoVE Science Education – Educators and students use these innovative video collections in the JoVE Science Education Library to better teach and learn key concepts and fundamental techniques at the undergraduate course level. These simple, easy-to-understand video demonstrations cover a wide range of STEM subjects including Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Psychology, Clinical Medicine and Engineering.

JoVE Lab Manual – Comprehensive, curriculum-focused videos for both instructors and students in introductory biology lab courses.

More information

Access: https://www.jove.com.proxy.bnl.lu

Annual Reviews

Annual Reviews has made their journals available to all (without access control) through Thursday April 30, 2020. On that date, the publisher will assess the need to extend this policy.

Access: https://www.annualreviews.org/action/showPublications

Cambridge University Press

All 700 textbooks published and currently available in HTML format on Cambridge Core can now be accessed free until the end of May.

CUP is also providing free access to research related to the coronavirus: More than 80 relevant book chapters and journal articles are available. Future articles will be added to the collection once they have been published.

MIT Press Ebooks

The MIT Press is offering libraries complimentary access to its catalog of 2,770 eBooks on MIT Press Direct through the end of May 2020 to support faculty and students who are working and learning remotely.

Access: https://direct-mit-edu.proxy.bnl.lu/books

Remote access for law databases

You may now access the following databases from home and don’t need to be logged in to the library network. Please note remote access will only be available as long as the National Library and University library (LLC) are closed!

Librarians all over the world are collecting information about the different initiatives from scientific publishers. You may find the overview here