Trial Policy Commons

We’re happy to announce that from today until 20th May 2021 we’re having a trial in place for the platform “Policy Commons”.

Launched in November 2020, Policy Commons is the first platform that brings together and organises the reports, papers and other research outputs published, often informally, by the world’s IGOs, NGOs, and third-sector organisations. It currently comprises 2.2 million items and a directory of 21,000 policy organizations, the largest ever compiled. Last month, 145,000 new items were added, as was a special collection of 45,000 items from African NGOs and 10,000 more ‘orphaned’ reports from inactive NGOs. Besides, Policy Commons meanwhile includes the complete catalog of publications from the Council of Europe, the Continent’s leading human rights organization. Policy Commons also enables members of the policy community to upload and share their own publications with the international policy community.

Content that matters
Policy Commons covers many disciplines—agriculture, energy, pharmaceuticals, diversity, crime, librarianship, and much more. Content is thoroughly vetted by the organizations that produce it, and it’s curated by editors. It’s highly current, with 34,000 items from 2020, including 8,000 items on COVID-19, and 9,400 on Black Lives Matter.

Access is possible for every user with a valid library card of the National Library, University of Luxembourg, LIST or LIH.
Click here to access via