Trial access to Library Stack

Consortium Luxembourg is happy to announce that you have now a trial access to the platform Library Stack until 31 December 2022.

Library Stack is a growing collection of digital publications from contemporary art, design, architecture and theory. It combines a bibliographic catalog, an eBook lending system and tools for teaching and research. 

LS collects numerous atypical media projects made by artists and designers, like periodicals, podcasts, fonts, software projects, or artists’ books. It also includes open-access books from publishers like Meson Press, L’Internationale Online, Archive Books, MUTE, Onestar Press, CCA Montreal and the Institute of Network Cultures among many others.

It also includes commercial eBooks from publishers like Strelka, Sternberg, e-flux, Inventory Press, Afterall, Repeater, Reaktion, Diaphanes, Art Resources Transfer and Aperture.

Create a user account for full lending access. Use the Bookshelf feature to save, organize, annotate and share groups of items.

Access to Library Stack via publisher platform.

Access is available for all users with a library card of the National Library and the University of Luxembourg until 31 December 2022.

Trial IBISWorld ( only)

IBISWorld’s online database of thousands of industry research reports provides students, educators, career advisors and librarians with the same trusted industry intelligence and tools used by hundreds of schools around the world. staff and students (with a library card) now have trial access to IBISWorld, ending on 13 January 2023.

Get experience with the industry research database leveraged by thousands of businesses. IBISWorld’s forward looking industry data helps you anticipate key trends that influence business plans, thesis research, presentations and even your own career search!  

Expert analysts provide reports for over 700 different market segments for IBISWorld. Each industry report presents market research and industry information, and each market report is available online in HTML and PDF format. Reports are used for understanding market size, competitors, drafting business plans, pitch books, benchmarking, forecasting, business valuations, litigation support, due diligence and more.

If you cannot access the above video, you can watch it here.

Access the IBISWorld platform here.

Trial Sage Campus ( only)

Do you want to learn employability skills and brush up on your skills in the latest research methods? staff and students (with a library card) have trial access to SAGE Campus online learning for skills and research methods, ending on 31 Oct 2022: SAGE Campus

About SAGE Campus online learning for skills and research methods
The SAGE Campus platform has 280+ hours of structured online learning for skills and research methods. The courses are self-paced and instructor-led, comprising an engaging mix of SAGE-quality content, video, interactives, and formative assessments – giving you practical skills for study, research, and employment.

What are the course topics?
SAGE Campus has 34 online courses worth 280+ hours of online learning content. The courses cover critical skills and research methods that can be applied across all stages of academic study, split into the below categories:

  • Navigating information: including critical thinking and critical reading and writing.
  • Data literacy: including statistical significance and data visualisation.
  • Data science skills: including programming in R and Python, text analysis and more.
  • Research skills: including how to present your research and write a research question.
  • Getting published: including how to write a journal article and introduction to publishing.

Browse all courses on the SAGE Campus platform.

How do you access SAGE Campus during the trial?

  • First go to SAGE Campus and authenticate with your library card. Then register for an account.
  • Once registered, you can access from anywhere using your username and password. Read the user guide for learners for more instructions.

Faculty/instructors, please refer to the user guide or contact

Trial access to Gale Research Complete NOW

Consortium Luxembourg is happy to announce that you have now a trial access to the platform Gale Research Complete until 31 December 2022.

Gale Research Complete provides subscription access to the largest package of primary and secondary sources available to libraries today, covering journals, newspapers, eBooks, literature resources and archives. Empowering users at all academic levels, from the undergraduate student to the experienced researcher, and covering nearly every research area and discipline, Gale Research Complete offers high quality, authoritative and unique content.

Check out the following available modules:

• Archives Unbound
• Gale Academic OneFile
• Gale eBooks
• Gale General OneFile
• Gale Literary Index
• Gale Literature Criticism
• Gale Literature Resource Center
• Gale Literature: Contemporary Authors
• Gale Literature: Dictionary of Literary Biography
• Gale Literature: LitFinder
• Gale Literature: Scribner Writer Series
• Gale Literature: Something About the Author
• Gale Literature: Twayne’s Author Series
• Gale OneFile: News – incl access to the latest articles of “The Times” (London)

Access to Gale Research Complete via Gale.

Access is available for all users with a library card of the National Library and the University of Luxembourg until 31 December 2022.

Access to Oxford Scholarship NOW

Consortium Luxembourg is happy to announce that you have now access to the full collection of Oxford Scholarship ebooks. The ebook collection range across most subject areas including the humanities, social sciences, science, medicine and law.

Access to Oxford Scholarship Online via Oxford University Press.

Access is available for all users with a library card of the National Library, the University of Luxembourg, LIH or LIST.

Un nouveau service de vidéo à la demande en bibliothèque

La Cité Bibliothèque de la Ville de Luxembourg, la Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg ainsi que la Médiathèque du Centre national de l’audiovisuel, proposent désormais à leurs membres un service de vidéo à la demande commun – « Ménulu » Médiathèque numérique du Luxembourg – donnant accès à plus de 18.000 documents audiovisuels.

Grâce aux partenariats conclus avec les plateformes de streaming Kanopy, Filmfriend et Divercities, spécialisées dans la mise à disposition de programmes et de documents audiovisuels à des bibliothèques et universités, les utilisateurs de la Cité Bibliothèque, de la Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg et du Centre national de l’audiovisuel peuvent désormais accéder à une vaste médiathèque comportant des documentaires, séries, films de fiction, films pour enfants et de la musique.

Pour profiter pleinement du service, il suffit d’être inscrit à l’une des bibliothèques partenaires et de rechercher comme à l’accoutumée le document souhaité sur, le moteur de recherche unifié du réseau des bibliothèques luxembourgeoises, et de suivre le lien vers la plateforme dans la notice (« Accès en ligne »). Pour affiner davantage la recherche, il est conseillé de rechercher dans « bibliothèque numérique » uniquement ou de trier les résultats par type de document (« vidéos ») une fois la recherche effectuée. Il est également possible d’accéder directement à chaque plateforme en suivant les liens ci-dessous.

  • La plateforme Kanopy, basée aux Etats-Unis, propose des documents audiovisuels (documentaires, films de fiction, films pour enfants) en langue anglaise et permet un visionnage à fréquence de cinq films par mois ou illimité pour les contenus réservés aux enfants (Kanopy Kids) et pour les séries documentaires (The Great Courses).
  • La plateforme Filmfriend, basée en Allemagne, propose des documents audiovisuels (films de fiction, films pour enfants, films luxembourgeois) dans plusieurs langues et de manière illimitée.
  • La plateforme Divercities, basée en France et subdivisée en Tënk pour les films documentaires et en DiMusic pour les contenus musicaux, proposés de manière illimitée.

Liens d’inscription aux bibliothèques membres du service de vidéo à la demande « Ménulu » :

Cité Bibliothèque
Bibliothèque nationale du Luxembourg
Centre national de l’audiovisuel

New content: Naxos Musicology

Naxos Musicology International, a new online platform for music scholarship and opinion, is now available online via the Naxos Music Library.

Much like a traditional journal, the platform seeks to advance and extend musicological work on a range of repertoires, genres, creative and scholarly approaches. In addition, Naxos seeks to engage with emerging trends in the music industry, exploring intersections between modes of listening, consumption and criticism (the so-called ‘attention economy’), as well as ongoing technological developments. Connecting scholars, students and educational institutions with critics and industry professionals, the platform aims to promote strong voices, informed critique and imaginative commentary: that is, engaging writing in an approachable style that speaks across social, cultural and institutional barriers.

Please find here an interview (in German language) with Naxos Musicology Editor-in-Chief Davinia Caddy:

You may access Naxos Musicology via Naxos Music Library with your BnL or LLC reader card. Please click “Musicology” in the left hand menu.

Of course we also recommend you visiting the other streaming platforms included in our subscription:

Naxos Music Library JAZZ

Naxos Music Library WORLD

Naxos Video Library

De Gruyter – New ebooks available

There are now 115,000 titles available in our subscription for De Gruyter ebooks!

Besides publications from De Gruyter, EDP Sciences, transcript, Princeton University Press and many other partner publishers, new collections have been added from Edinburgh University Press, Central European University Press, Gorgias Press and Lynne Rienner Publishers.

Access is available for all users with a valid library card of the National Library, the University of Luxembourg, LIH or LIST.

Check out the ebooks here!

Wissensdienst »Das Klima der Welt«

Ab sofort haben alle Nutzerinnen und Nutzer der Nationalbibliothek, der Uni-Bibliothek, des LIST und des LIH Zugriff auf den Wissensdienst »Das Klima der Welt« von Brockhaus.

Was beeinflusst unser Klima? Wie zeigt sich der Klimawandel? Wie wirkt sich der
Klimawandel heute und in Zukunft aus? Erhalten Sie zu diesen und anderen Fragen
Antworten in unserem neuen Wissensdienst »Das Klima der Welt«.

Das erwartet Sie:

  • Verständliche Beschreibungen der komplexen Zusammenhänge unseres Klimas und des Klimawandels.
  • Einblicke in die globale und nationale Klimapolitik.
  • Beispiele für notwendige Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung der Erderwärmung.
  • Viele Infografiken, Filme, Animationen und Artikel.

Zugang erhalten Sie über hier.